There was a time when a coat room was more than just a space for hanging coats.  There was a time when it was another way of demonstrating the grandness of your home.  And that meant tiling.  Across Glasgow there are some stunning examples of tiled coat rooms that feature original Victorian, Edwardian and Georgian Tiling Mosaic Patterns.

Whilst these rooms may be small, the attention to detail that went into them was big with mosaic patterns and intricate detailing that made for a real wow factor.


Sadly over time, so many of these stunning coat room examples in the city have been torn up, smashed to pieces and left in the skip.  However there are still many examples of this style of period tiling that have survived and so many of them just need a little bit of TLC.  That is where Were Tiling come in.  We are a skilled Glasgow tiler that specialises in the restoration and repair of damaged and neglected Victorian, Edwardian and Georgian Period Tiled pieces.  This ranges from Kitchens to Bathrooms, Hallways to Entrance ways and of course, to coat rooms.


We cover all of Glasgow so whether you live in one of the old Tobacco Lord homes of the West End or one of the equally impressive sandstone homes of Pollockshields in the South Side, if you are looking to spruse up your coat room and return it to its former glory then Were Tiling is the specialist tiler that is here to help.  Our meticulous attention to detail, care and precision has seen us complete so many successful restoration projects across Glasgow where we salvage as much of the existing tiling as possible and where they are too badly damaged, we will move heaven and earth to match as closely to the original as possible.


If this sound exactly what you are looking for then get in touch today by calling 07932 716 716