Beautiful tiling goes beyond the inside of a home. Across Glasgow there are some truly stunningĀ front step tilingĀ  and outside porch tiling.

These examples of Victorian and Georgian tiling were a lot more common when these houses were built than they are today which is why the idea of decorative tiled front entrance ways may seem a bit alien to some. However these were very impressive visual styles that complimented a home and made the front door more that just the entrance to the home.

However over time, so many of these front door tiled entrance ways, front steps and porches have begun to deteriorate. Weather, foot traffic and poor maintenance have all had their hand in damaging these home features.

Outside tiling is a bit of a specialist service that a lot of tilers will shy away from as it requires a different technique to conventional indoor tiling. Thankfully we at Were Speciality Tiling are a tiler firm who excess at outdoor tiling.

So if your front door tiled entrance way is looking tired and starting to fall apart with loose and cracked tiles then you need to call Were Tiling.

We can repair, replace and restore your front door tiled entrance way to an as new state and we will always endeavour to repair existing tiles rather than simply replace them so that your home keeps as much or its original period features as possible.

If your tiling features a mosaic pattern to it – not a problem. Across Glasgow, we have been working on fantastic restoration and repairs of mosaic patterned front door tiling for years.

So if you are looking at getting the geometric tiling of your home refurbished and restored, whether it be Victorian, Edwardian or Georgian Period tiling, Were Tiling can tile it all.

We deliver the highest quality work for our customers. We are fully qualified to British Industry Standards and are a member of the Tile Association.

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