G14 Jordanhill, Yoker, Scotstoun

The G14 postcode has a powerful pulling power as it is one of the prime filters for Jordanhill School. This area is also filled with stunning sandstone houses and beautiful examples of proud Glasgow tenement flats. All of which themselves feature great examples of Victorian and Georgian tiling. Whether it is the traditional tiled hallways in a tenement block of flats or stunning feature pieces of Georgian tiling at the front door entrances of sandstone houses, the areas of Jordanhill, Yoker and Scotstoun are filled with historic tiling features.

Sadly time and neglect has meant that so many of these tiled mosaic features have deteriorated. Through cracked tiles, loose fittings and even the horror of previous owners painting over these tiles has meant that so many of in desperate repair.

Now you may think that a tile is a tile but as with so many things, there are many variations of tiles both in materials and construction and that in turn means there are specific ways that some tiling has to be done. That is why we are a Speciality Tiler and advertise ourselves as such.

Across Glasgow, we work on repairing these historic Victorian and Georgian tiling features to an as new state and have been doing so for years. Our deep understanding of the techniques and procedures that go with this type of tiling ensures that we can restore as much of the original tiling as possible and colour match as best as we can to replace any tiling that has gone beyond a repair state.

It is this attention to detail that has seen us become the leading specialist tiler in Glasgow. Sadly too often over the years we have been called out by customers who have used an inexperienced tiler who is simply not prepared to handle the unique characteristics and patience required of mosaic Victorian and Georgian tiling and have literally left the site and not come back – leaving the customer in the lurch.

The number of happy customers that we have built up over the years that have led to new referrals and recommendations has seen our business grow across Glasgow. Our business model or offering top quality work at a fair price and leaving our customers with a quality finished tiled home has seen us grow as the good word of Were Tiling has spread.

If you live in Jordanhill, Yoker or Scotstoun and would like to know more about what Were Tiling can do for you, please call us today on 07932 716 716.

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