G3 Finnieston, Kelvingrove, Woodlands, Park Circus

Just outside the heart of Glasgow City Centre sits some of the cities most spectacular buildings.
Ranging from the historically beautiful buildings of Park Circus to the hip and trendy tenemant flats of Finnieston, the beautiful architecture of this area of Glasgow has seen it thrive in recent years.

And as residents of these homes look to keep them in tip top shape, there comes a time when either existing tiling features need to be tenderly repaired or an entirely new bathroom, kitchen or front entrance is required. And it is at this point that you need to call in a tiler who understands the beauty and charm of these buildings and can incorporate Victorian and Georgian style tiling to your home. We are Were Speciality Tiling and we are a Glasgow tiler company who go above and beyond the standards of your standard tiler. We specialise in mosaic pattern tiling, repairing and replacing existing Victorian feature tiling in bathrooms, kitchens, hallways and front entrances. From the hall ways of tenement flats in Woodlands with their tiled walls to the mosaic patterns of the glamorous front entrance doorways of homes in Kelvingrove, We have done it all. Our reputation has grown along with us as we constantly strive to offer a beautiful quality fit and finish with every project we work on.

Tile Restoration

One of our main specialities is the repair and restoration of tiles from original Victorian features. An easy example would be the tiling you find in the main entrance of tenement properties across the West End of Glasgow. Years of neglect, rising damp, damage from furniture removal nocks…the list goes on. However these beautiful tiled features can easily be repaired, restored and at worst replaced so that they match in perfectly. With Were Tiling, we can restore the tiles of your hallway and make the entrance to your home a feature point.

New Tiling Projects

There are just as many new tiling projects going on in Glasgow as there are restoration projects. Yet even with these new kitchens and bathrooms, customers are wanting detailed tiling features that can match in with the style of their homes. As a specialist tiler, we can create stunning mosaic tiling features that really can be the center piece of a room. If you are looking at getting a new dream kitchen or bathroom and need a quality tiler then Were Tiling in Glasgow is only a phone call away.

Call us today to discuss your new project or restoration ambitions on 07932 716 716.

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