G31 East End, Dennistoun

In the heart of the East End of Glasgow, Dennistoun with its famous Duke Street, Tennents Brewery and Alexandra park is filled with history. And that history is reflected in the types of property across Dennistoun. Filled with stunning examples of tenement flats and other sandstone properties; so many of these homes feature lovely examples of period Victorian and Georgian tiled mosaics and other tiled features. Sadly through time and poor maintenance, so many of these beautiful tiled features have suffered.

Thankfully there is Were Speciality Tiling. We are a Glasgow Tiler that covers all forms of tiling from new kitchens and bathrooms up to flooring, entrance ways and other tiled areas in your home. We are also a Specialist Tiler focusing on classic Victorian and Georgian period tiles. This means that we offer a restoration and repair service for these tiled feature pieces and can return your tiled wall or flooring to an as new state where possible.

We use existing original tiles where possible to keep the authentic look and feel of tiled mosaics and when we do have to replace tiles that have been too badly cracked and damaged, we will always do our best to colour match and even use recovered tiles that best match your existing tiles. It is this attention to detail and quality finish that has seen our business grow so strongly as so many happy customers refer and recommend others to us.

This business model is proof in the pudding as it were that we are a genuinely good tiler who is highly recommended across Glasgow. We can work on all types of tiling project for bathrooms, kitchens, hallway flooring and entrance ways.

If you would like to know more about Were Tiling and how we can help you with your tiling project, please call us today on 07932 716 716.

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