G33 Stepps

Stepps may be a small town just outside of Glasgow but that doesn’t stop it from having a rich history.

That rich history can be seen is some of the beautiful buildings that are found around the town from some of the old sandstone houses right up to the Parish Church.

And one thing that so many of these properties have in common is their historic tiling. Across so many of these homes, you will find beautiful examples of Victorian and Georgian Mosaic Patterned Tiling. Featured designs that were a popular style back in the day but through time have become damaged, cracked, painted over or worse – completely ripped up and tossed in the skip.

Whether you are wanting to repair and restore the beautiful tiled features to your home or you want to bring back these tile styles to your period home – there is a Glasgow based tiler who cna help.

Were Tiling is a Speciality Tiler. That means we are experts in Victorian and Georgian period tiling repairs, restoration and replacing. So if you have a front doorway that features tiles that have become cracked or loose, we can repair and replace them. If your tiled hallway walls or flooring need restored then we can return them to as new state.

And if you are looking at getting an entirely new kitchen or bathroom in a period style to match your home then we can definitely help.

At Were Tiling we treat each and every job with a level of care, patience and expertise that puts the rest to shame. We never shy away from a challenge and we always promise to turn up when we say we will and get the job done while leaving your home in the exact same state as when we first started.

If all of that sounds good and you would like to know more about how we can help restore, repair, replace your kitchen or bathroom tiles call us today on 07932 716 716.

Stepps tiler