G40 Bridgeton

In the Bridgeton area of the East End of Glasgow, Were Tiling proudly provide a reliable, recommended tiler service for customers looking at tiling new bathrooms, kitchen and hallways along with the restoration of existing tiling features ranging from historic Victorian and Georgian tiled mosaic pattern tiled rooms to more recent kitchen and bathroom tiling projects that have already suffered cracked tiles thanks to daily wear and tear.

At Were Tiling, we are a speciality tiler and that means that we are experts in the detailed replacing and restoration of tiled features in your home. Mosaic pattern tiling is a popular and striking visual that can add a dramatic and talked about feature to any home. Whether you already have a Victorian Mosaic pattern in your home or you are looking at getting one put in – we can repair and restore existing featured tiles to as new state or complete brand new tiled features for your home.

If all of that sounds right up your street and you would like to know more about how we can help restore, repair, replace your kitchen or bathroom tiles call us today on 07932 716 716.

Bridgeton East End tiler