G45 Castlemilk

While the original Castlemilk House on which the origins of Castlemilk in Glasgow can be traced has long since been demolished, there are still a huge number of houses and similar properties in this area of Glasgow that are over 100 years old and of which, many have beautiful period fixtures and fittings such as tiling done in the style of Victorian, Georgian or similar designs.

Over the years, so many of the homes in Castlemilk have however suffered from neglect, poor care and general time related wear and tear so that now, many of these stunning tiled features are literally falling apart.

We are Were Tiling and we are a restoration, repair and maintenance tiling specialist. That means that we go above and beyond traditional tiling. We are one of Glasgow’s truly qualified and experienced restoration tiling experts. We work on restoring period Victorian and Georgian tiling in kitchens, bathrooms, around fireplaces and at door way entrances, all with a level of care and precision that is all too often lacking in the tiling trade of Glasgow.

We work tirelessly to ensure that we can restore these original tiled features back to an as new state where possible. We even try to retain and reuse as much of the original tiling, sometimes going to great lengths to refurbish individual tiles so that they perfectly colour match the surrounding tiles.

It is that level of dedication and attention to detail that has seen us become a popular tile restoration firm in Glasgow. Our business model revovles around doing a good job for opur customers and let the good word of our work spread across Glasgow.

So if you live in Castlemilk and you are in need of a tiler for the repair and restoration of an existing tiled feature in your home then call us today on 07932 716 716.

Castlemilk tiler