G46 Giffnock

Giffnock is a proud are of Glasgow with its own strong history, community and lifestyle. Across the G46 Glasgow postcode area, you will find countless styles of home from newer build town houses to sand stone bungalows right up to historic churches and sand stone homes that are over 100 years old.

And whether you live in a new build or a an old build home in Giffnock, you will no doubt have tiling in your kitchen or bathroom.

If you live in an older style home then you are more than likely to be the proug owner of period Victorian or Georgian styled tiling features. Either as a fireplace surrounding feature, front doorway entrance or something similar. And if you are indeed one of these Giffnock residents than you will also have noticed that your tiling features are working themselves loose, have become cracked or have (shock horror) been painted over by a previous resident. If you are looking to get your tiled feature back to its former glory then you need a reliable, recommended tiler who specialises in the restoration and repair of older style tiling.

That tiler is us and we are Were Tiling. We are a proud tiling firm who operate to real business guidelines that we stick to religiously. It means that we will always turn up on time, get the job done and leave your home in the same way we found it. It is this ethos that has seen us grow our business so rapidly as happy customers have seen us go against the grain of what they expect from a tiler in Glasgow. A kind and friendly expert who can talk the talk AND walk the walk.

We tile everything from new kitchens and bathrooms to repairs and restorations of existing tiling in homes old and new.

So if you live in Giffnock and you are in need of a tiler for the repair and restoration of an existing tiled feature in your home then call us today on 07932 716 716.

Giffnock tiler