G51 Govan

The area of Govan is well know for its traditional red sandstone Victorian buildings and as the name would suggest, they are filled with period Victorian tiling features and decorative pieces.

From the hallways of the red sandstone tenement flats to the front entrance hallways of some of the grander homer in Govan, the original tiling features run deep with the styling and era of these homes.

Across Govan however, there are too many homes that have fallen into a poor state of repair and that sadly has included the tiling. Rising damp, general wear and tear and overall neglect has seen so many of these once proud designs to have become faded, cracked or covered over in the last 100 years.

However we are Were Tiling and we are on a quest to help revive as much of these Victorian tiled features as possible. We are not just another tiler in Glasgow, we are a specialist tiler with a strong background in the repair and restoration of existing period tiling from the Victorian and Georgian eras.

From cracked tiles to completely missing sections, we can repair and replace them all. We will repair and recover as much of the original tiling as possible and where we can’t we will do our absolute best to colour and style match to ensure the minimum disruption to the patterned styles of these mosaic Victorian tiles.

So if you live in Govan and you are in need of a tiler for the repair and restoration of an existing tiled feature in your home then call us today on 07932 716 716.

Govan tiler