We restore your original Victorian floors and wally closes to their former glory.

Geometric floor tiles and Wally Closes are part of Scottish Heritage and were originally used in medieval churches and homes of the aristocracy. Most of these beautiful floors have survived for over 100 years and we give them the time and respect they deserve, carefully restoring them to achieve the best possible results. As well as adding value to your home, with a professional restoration and cleaning your tiles will be around for future generations to admire.  Whether original Victorian steps, pathways, vestibules, wally closes, entrance halls, or stair wells.


We specialise in Restoring and cleaning Scotland’s Victorian Floors and Closes, helping Restore Scotland’s Tiling Heritage along the way.

Common problems we restore

Loose and Cracked tiles | Movement in the building | Movement in the Substrate – Floors or Walls | Rotten or Missing Joists | Damp, Water | Pipe Installation | Poor Craftsmanship | Missing Patches | Covered by Carpet and Glue | Covered by new Tiles | Covered by Vinyl

Suitable applications

Victorian steps | Pathways | Vestibules | Wally closes | Entrance halls | Stair wells

A history of Victorian tiling

Over time, ornate tiling became more popular and seen as a status symbol in Victorian houses and estates. By the 1890s these floors had become an essential feature in the majority of Victorian terraced houses and Tenement Buildings across Scotland. As well as adding prestige and colour they were also very practical.

Since the 1960s and 1970s many floors were covered by carpet, vinyl, new tiles and even concreted over. In the last 30 years homeowners have looked to retain the original features of their property. These tiles and designs are now becoming increasingly fashionable for all types of homes and buildings.

With the arrival of Central Heating in the early 1970s many Victorian floors were damaged during the pipe installation, this increase in temperature over time caused the tiles to crack and loosen and come away from the original mortar. This is also true of many Wally Closes across Scotland and in Glasgow and Edinburgh. Gas Pipes, water pipes and Electrical Cables and seen many holes smashed through original tiles and concrete and Motor covering them. Very unsightly to the eye. Wally closes and Victorian Floors were actually originally Tiled by Plasterers, and tapped into wet Sand cement or Lime Mortars. This is very different to how modern tiling works. We often find some of the worst demand done to Historic Tiling work is done by other tiling practitioners over the last 30 years, who lack the passion, skills and knowledge of historic buildings, restoration, old practises, and how old mortars work.

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