Professional Victorian Tiling Repairs, Restoration & Fitting across Scotland

Across Scotland there are truly stunning examples of traditional Victorian Tiling that perfectly matches the architecture of there home. From the mighty sandstone houses in the heart of the West End of Glasgow (home of the original ‘Tobacco Lords’) right up to country estates, cosy period semi detached houses and almost everything in between that was built using Victorian, Edwardian or Georgian styling influences. Across Glasgow, Edinburgh and indeed the rest of Scotland, Were Tiling has grown to become one of the countries leading Victorian Tiling Specialists. We can repair, restore and fit Victorian Tiling, Georgian Tiling and Edwardian Tiling for every room of your home (and for both floor, worktop and wall tiling styles indoors and outdoors).

Our approach to each and every tiling project is simple – Take our time and focus on the attention to detail. Each tiling project that we work on is treated the same way and this work ethic has seen our business grow strongly as so much of our new projects come from existing customers who happily recommend and refer us to friends, family and business contacts.
From our humble beginnings in Glasgow, we now proudly offer our tiling services across Scotland.


What is restoration tiling?

Restoration tiling is exactly as it sounds. Across Scotland, so many period homes that feature Victorian, Edwardian or Georgian tiling in their kitchens, bathrooms, hallways, front doorways etc have seen time wear away at them. The heavy foot traffic and sudden impact of heavy objects being dropped are enough to crack and force loose floor tiling in your front doorway while rising damp and internal room humidity are enough to slowly wear away at wall tiles. If you have ever walked down the corridor of a tenement block of flats, you will surely have seen examples of this as these once proud fixtures have degraded over time. As a specialist tile restoration firm, we can repair and refit loose and broken off tiling; and when original tiles have either been lost or are too badly damaged, we will do everything we can to ensure that we colour and style match the new replacement tiles as best as humanly possible.

Our level of care and attention to detail ensures that the intricate mosaic styles of these tiled features is retained and restored to an ‘as new’ state.



What if I want a Victorian Tiled room that doesn’t already have one?

Over the years, so many homes that once featured period Victorian Tiling have had them ripped up and literally thrown in the skip. But as this style of tiling has made a comeback, we receive so many enquiries about fitting new tiling projects that match the period style of the home.
Again – our care, attention to detail and qualifications mean that we can perfectly fit new tiling projects to match your expectations. A simple consultation is all that is required to get the ball rolling.

So whether you live in Aberfeldy or Wick, Were Tiling can offer you the very best in professional, reliable and quality tile fitting for Victorian, Edwardian and Georgian Tiling Projects. Call us today on 07932 716 716