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A revision to our logo

For those that know everything about Were Tiling through and through. You will know that we call ourselves speciality tilers.

Well while we have no intention of changing the fact that we are indeed a speciality tiler, we have changed the tagline in our logo to better reflect what we do.

It now reads ‘Conservation & Contemporary Mosaic’

It best reflects what we do for our customers not just in Glasgow but across Scotland and the North of England.

Such is the demand for a Victorian Tiling specialist that we have had to branch out from our humble beginnings in Glasgow to cover Scotland and now the North of England.

It hasn’t changed our approach and it never will. We strongly believe in our values as a company and the service that we provide. It is never a case of doing a job and moving on. It is always about doing the right job to a level that we are happy with and that we are certain our customers are happy at.

Patience goes hand in hand with what we do and we know that to get a contemporary mosaic tiled floor, wall, entrance way or anything similar to look just right, it takes skills, precision and patience in spades.