For some, it is a feature that they walk past each and every day without giving it a second thought.  For others (ourselves included), it is a beautiful addition to some of Glasgow’s very best architecture.


We are of course talking about Wally Close Tiling in Tenement Flats across the city.


For so many Glasgow residents, this style of tiling is one that they grew up with and for those that moved to Glasgow across Scotland and England, it was an amazing decorative feature that they had never experienced before.


Beautiful tiling designs with decorative patterns and finishes that usually go up to about half way along the wall.  Wally Close Tiling features have become one of Glasgow’s Tenement Flats most loved features.  Yet sadly, throughout the city, so many of these once beautiful tiled features are being neglected, left broken, cracked and missing.  Through property owners who simply buy to let and have no concern over the communal hallways to those that simply do not take pride in their homes appearance.  One way or another, wally close tiling in so many of these Glasgow flats have become neglected.


But at Were Tiling, as one of the few quality Victorian Tiling Restoration Specialists in Glasgow, we can restore your tenement flats hallway wally close tiling back to its former glory.  Using as much of the original tiling as possible and always pattern matched for consistency, our quality of work has seen our business grow through recommendations, referrals and testimonials from customers across Glasgow who have used Were Tiling for a variety of tiling services including Victorian Mosaic Hallways, downstairs toilets, Victorian Bathrooms and so much more.

While it can be difficult to get an entire collection of residents living in a tenement flat together and agree to refurbish and restore their buildings wally close, the results are undeniable.


If you would like to know more about Wall Close Tiling and to request photographic examples of our restoration work, please contact Andrew on 07932 716 716