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Victorian Tiling in Glasgow

Glasgow is not just the home of Were Tiling. It is the home of some of the most impressive Victorian Tiling found in residential, commercial, historic & religious buildings across the whole of the United Kingdom.

From stunning Geometric Hallway tiling to elegant mosaic tiling entranceways. These period tiling designs are one of the great examples of what made homes from this era so special.

But like so much in these homes, original Victorian Tiling walls and floors needs to be maintained. Victorian Tiles were built to an incredibly high quality but over one hundred years of wear and tear ranging from foot traffic to rising damp, accidental impact drops and simply the age of the substrate supporting the tiles can mean that you need to call in a Victorian Tiling Restoration Expert.

We are Were and we are one of the leading Victorian Tiling Restoration Specialists in Scotland. We work on all Conservation Tiling projects covering Victorian Tiling, Edwardian Tiling & Georgian Tiling in Geometric and Mosaic tiling design styles.

Why choose Were Tiling for your Glasgow Victorian Tiling Restoration Project?

Our experience of working with original tile manufacturers has proven to be invaluable for many of our successful tiling restoration projects in Glasgow. From tenement flats hallway tiling to the ‘Tobacco Lord’ homes of Glasgow’s West End.

We have built our name on a reputation for quality and reliability. We understand that attention to detail and a quality finish are of the highest importance when restoring original Victorian tiling to your Glasgow home which is why we deliver time and time again.


Glasgow Victrorian Restoration Tiler


Our previous tiling restoration work has seen us restore classic listed buildings across Glasgow including The Devonshire Gardens and The Arlington Baths. These beautiful Mosaic tiling designs and Geometric Tiled spaces have now been saved by the work that we offer.

We always aim to restore and repair original mosaic tiling spaces wherever possible and when this is simply not possible because a tile has gone beyond the point of restoration, we will colour and style match replacement tiles to ensure that the finished mosaic tiled project is as close to original as possible.

From the restoration of original Victorian Tiling to the contemporary design and laying of Geometric & Mosaic Tiling, we can provide a quality tiling service in the following areas:

  • Geometric & Mosaic Kitchen Tiling
  • Victorian Bathroom Tiling
  • Geometric & Mosaic Conservatory Tiling
  • Geometric & Mosaic Downstairs Toilet Tiling
  • Victorian Hearth Tiling / Fireplace Tiling
  • Geometric & Mosaic Front Door Tiling
  • Geometric & Mosaic Vestibule Tiling
  • Victorian Pantry Tiling
  • Geometric & Mosaic Utility Room Tiling
  • Victorian Coat Room Tiling
  • Traditional Wally Close Tiling

To discuss your tiling restoration project and to request a site visit to provide you with a tailored quote for your restoration work, please call Andrew on 07932 716 716 or email

What Our Customers Say

Brian from Newcastle

We were replacing a carpet in our hall and discovered the original Victorian tiling was still there. Andrew came to our home, looked at the tiling and gave us a quote with no hassle. His attention to detail and careful and methodical approach are clear in the end results. We are so delighted with the work that he has done. We never thought about having a tiled hallway but we are more than delighted with the results and it has increased the value of our home considerably.

Andy from Glasgow

We were looking for our Storm Door area and hallway to have a matching contemporary geometric tile design to them. We want a modern take that worked with our period Victorian home. Andrew was one of three tilers we call. He was the only one who took any measurements and really looked at the set up that we wanted. We went Were because they seemed to know what they were talking about and we were impressed with their detailed quote breakdown. It meant we knew exactly what to expect. And the end result - we could not be more happy with the end results. Our hallway looks better than ever.