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Another Successful Victorian Tiled Fireplace

As one of the leading Victorian Tiling Specialists in Scotland, we get to work on some truly amazing projects. Whilst many people will say that they love what they do – we truly do, love what we do. So when we take on new projects, there is a genuine air of enthusiasm at getting stuck in with the work.

You see, Victorian tiling is not the same as your modern tiling services. The mosaic patterns, angled tiles and different colour patterns require a level of patience, planning and care that puts of a lot of tilers. Not us.

So with one of our latest projects, we got the honour of working on a Victorian fireplace in a beautiful home in Kelvinside in the West End of Glasgow. The customer wanted a Victorian tiled pattern that matched the period home. So we worked with the customer to agree on the pattern in advance so that they knew exactly how it was going to turn out in advance. Whilst it can take time, it is worth is because the customer knows what they are going to get and we know exactly what they want. Think of it like architectural drawings.

The project ran smoothly and it ran to the timeline we agreed upon. That is important because obviously, when you are taking over someones living room to complete the job, they want to know how much and how long the disruption will last.

We truly loved working on this fireplace restoration project so if you live in Glasgow, Edinburgh of the greater part of Scotland and you are wanting to either have your Fireplace tiling replaced, restored or fitted with a Victorian style then call on Were Tiling.