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Dry January gives you more time to plan

If you are having a dry January then first off – good for you.

And secondly, you may have noticed that you have a bit more spare time on your hands, especially on a Friday or Saturday night.

So you may have found that you are spending more time online looking at images for your new dream kitchen, bathroom, hallway or something else.

It is at this point that we wanted to let you know that we are not just any old tiler in Glasgow. We are a speciality tiler working on detailed mosaic patterned tiling. That means we have a bit of flair that goes quite well with our free design consultations. If you are wondering what that means, let me explain. We deal with a lot of customers throughout the year who know that they want a new tiled hallway for example. But they don’t know specifically what they want. We work with your customers to pick out tile styles, sizes, colours and patterns. That way we are involved from before the first tile is put down and that level of communication ensures a successful project.

So if you are thinking of getting a new dream kitchen but are sitting there on a Friday evening struggling to get your head around how you want the tiling around the worktop hobs – then we are here to help.

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