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Freezing Conditions and Cracked Tiles in Glasgow

As is the case most January’s, the weather drops below zero degrees, puddles freeze over and the car ice scrapper earns its money. However the freezing conditions each year claim new victims in the tiling world. Front door and back door entrance way tiling can become vulnerable to the freezing conditions – especially if the tiling has been in need of some TLC and hasn’t received any.

As we all know, water expands when it freezes to ice so even the smallest of cracks is enough to allow water into it. A couple of freezing nights followed by warmer days and colder nights can see a very small crack become noticeably bigger in just a few days.

We have already received calls from customers in the early part of the year because of the freezing conditions. One of them was from the factors who manage a collection of apartment blocks in Hyndland in the West End of Glasgow. The front steps tiling had broken loose because of the freezing conditions and was now a dangerous hazard. We should point out that this is not a common occurrence with outdoor tiling. The example we gave has from a front step area that received heavy daily foot traffic from 8 apartments in the building and the tiling was in need or repair already.

But in the same way that you would get someone to look at it if some roof slates came loose (by calling a roofer) or if you heard a strange new noise in your car (you would call a mechanic), if you notice that the tiles in your front vestibule entrance way are beginning to look like they need mended then call in Were Tiling, the restoration and repair tiling expert based in Glasgow.