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Why Tiling Your Hallway Mosaic Should Be Your New Year’s Resolution

As the bells of 2023 chime their final farewell, and Glasgow cloaks itself in the frosty embrace of December, our minds inevitably turn to the fresh canvas of a new year. Resolutions are conjured, promises whispered (and sometimes swiftly forgotten) against the backdrop of fireworks and champagne bubbles. But this year, ditch the tired gym memberships and fad diets, and set your sights on a transformation that will truly elevate your home: mosaic tile your hallway floor.

Picture this, no more stepping onto the chipped linoleum that greets you after a long day. No more wincing at the dull, stained concrete that screams “rental-grade.” Instead, imagine a vibrant tapestry of mosaic tiles unfolding beneath your feet. Each tessera, a meticulously chosen shard of ceramic, glass, or stone, whispering tales of far-off lands or echoing the rich tapestry of Glasgow’s own artistic heritage.

The benefits of a mosaic tiled hallway go far beyond the aesthetic. A well-crafted mosaic is an investment in your home, adding value and durability. It’s a conversation starter, a unique expression of your personality that becomes the first (and last) impression your guests receive. And in the often-dreary Scottish winter, it’s a burst of sunshine underfoot, a reminder that even the most utilitarian spaces can be infused with artistry.

So, as you pen your New Year’s resolutions this year, don’t just jot down generic goals. Dare to be different. Dare to transform the ordinary into the extraordinary. Make 2024 the year you step into a hallway that sings, a mosaic masterpiece of Victorian Tiling.

So, let’s raise a toast to a 2024 filled with tesserae and grout, with chisels and tile cutters, with hallways reborn as miniature masterpieces. Let’s make this the year our homes, and our hearts, overflow with mosaic magic.

Have we got you into the spirit of things yet? Good. We are WERE: Specialist Mosaic, Encaustic and Geometric Tile Layers and we provide a class leading Conservation & Contemporary Mosaic tile design, fitting and restoration service across Scotland for domestic and commercial customers who are looking to restore their Historical Homes to their original glory or give them a new and modern geometric twist.

Based in Edinburgh and providing our Specialist Victorian, Edwardian & Georgian Tile Restoration Services across  Scotland (or as the Romans called it ‘Caledonia’) and North England. From above the Antonine Wall down to Hadrian’s Wall.

Our specialist work on tile restoration projects ranges from Domestic and Commercial Properties to Religious and Historic Buildings covering everything from the Victorian, Edwardian & Georgian era including PathwaysStepsVestibulesEntrancesHallwaysWally ClosesKitchens or Bathrooms.

So if you have been considering a new years resolution to retile your hall in the beautiful Victorian tiler style and are looking for a specialist tiler who knows what they are doing and won’t let you down then call us today (unless you are reading this on Christmas Day, in which case, try another time).