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Have you noticed the new addition to the site?

For those that visit our site frequently (and why wouldn’t you), you may have noticed that we have made a small change. There is a new logo accreditation on our home page.

That’s right. We are now members of the ‘Tiles & Architectural Ceramics Society’

It is part of our constant push to be not only the best tilers that we can be but the best specialist tiler that we can be. It helps us to build a better understanding of every and all tile styles and materials so that whatever the job and whatever the room, we have the best understanding and knowledge to do the job right. Considering that the history of tiles stretches back over 1,000 years, there is a lot to take in. Thankfully Glasgow hasn’t been around for that long but whether you are wanting the Victorian, Edwardian, Georgian or B&Q tiles in your home repaired, replaced or restored – at Were Tiling we are the speciality tiler you can trust.