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Our trip to the capital of Scotland

As you may or may not know, Were Tiling does not just offer our excellent tiling services to residents and businesses in Glasgow. We offer our services across Scotland and North England (though if you do live in the likes of Inverness for example, there will be an extra charge for distance travelled).

So for the next couple of weeks we will be working on a complete new installation of a Victorian Tiled hallway. The owner of the property is looking for the visually stunning mosaic patterned tiling to be fitting as a dramatic (and practical) entrance to their home.

This is not a restoration project, this is a complete new fitting project. So currently the hallway features carpet but as part of the new plan, the owner is wanting a significant entrance space of tiling that will both be a visual element to enhance the room but also a handy area where muddy boots, wet umbrellas etc can be stored with minimal worry of puddles forming. The rest of the room will be decked out in wood to create a fantastic compliment of warmth and period styling.

We have already agreed on the visual styling of the job and Were Tiling have been busy picking out the new tiles in advance.

We will update you on Facebook and Pintrest with our work as it comes along and if you live in Edinburgh and you would like a quote for your Victorian Tiling restoration or fitting, please call me directly on 07932 716 716.