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Outdoor Tiling and things to think about

As we have now hit the early part of Spring and winter seems a distant memory, many of you will naturally begin planning what you want to do in your garden this year. And for a lot of residents in Glasgow, the big job that you have been wanting to do – get your garden patio tiled.

A tiled patio can really look the business and offers an ideal area for relaxing, outdoor dining, barbequing and many other things.

However there are a few things you need to think about when it comes to outdoor patios and tiled patio areas in your garden.
The Right Tiles.

We have dealt with customers before who have hired Were tiling to tile their new patio but have bought the tiles themselves and have bought indoor tiles not suitable for outdoor use.
Plan ahead for drainage.

Where will the water drain to when it rains? We have dealt with customers previously where their existing tiled patio has killed all the plants in the flower bed simply because all the water drained into the bed.
What are you laying your tiles on?

With the weather in Glasgow being a mixture or rain, more rain, some more rain and the occasional frost; knowing what the tiles will rest on is quite crucial.
It it a balcony/roof terrace or a garden patio next to the lawn?

If it is an existing balcony or roof terrace, there will already be a drainage system in place and we can tile the balcony to use the drainage system below.
How are you going to keep them clean?

Did you know that to keep your patio tiles clean, you can just use a cloth and your usual dish soap?