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Saints Hair Salon

A commercial tiling project for Saints Hair Salon in Newcastle

At Were Tiling, we love the restoration work that we do but from time to time, we are approached by customers in the commercial sector looking for a fresh take on the historic beauty of mosaic and geometric tiling.

And on this occasion, we were commissioned for that very reason last year. The client John Snell, owner of Saints Hair Salon in Newcastle, approached us about creating a feature wall in their Salon. They had some reclaimed tiles from an old bowling alley in Newcastle and wanted to use them to create the feature, combined with some other geometric tiles to add more colour and different shapes to the design.

Newcastle is of course an area that we are frequently working in for tile restoration and fitting so we arranged a site visit to measure up the space and check what preparation was needed.

We then created a digital diagram of the area (images below) and sent this with some photos of the space to one of our tile suppliers, London Mosaic to incorporate the tiles into the design.

The client, John Snell of Saints Hair Salon, then altered the designs until they were happy with the tiling design work.

At this point, the real fun began as work commenced. You can see the process from start to finish in the photos. Another happy client and another unique tiled space.