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We received a call because the other tiler decided not to turn up!

We were in the South Side of Glasgow last week quoting on a job because the customer had been badly let down by another tiler.

Their beautiful Victorian period sandstone home in Pollockshields required some tile restoration in the downstairs bathroom.

They had called up a local Glasgow tiler who promised they could do it, quoted a price and then didn’t turn up for weeks. When they finally turned up, they worked on the room for one day before not coming back. Truly leaving the customer in the lurch.

Victorian tiling restoration is a specialist skills. That is why we say we are a specialist tiler. Modern tiling that you find in kitchens and bathrooms is different from the period Victorian tiling that you find in so many of Glasgow’s older homes. So the other tiler had bitten off more than they could chew but rather than admit it, they simply decided not to come back.

So when we turned up, we assessed the situation, quoted a price that seemed to please the customer because they instantly approved it and we agreed a start time once we have finished our current tiling project.

So keep tuned to our social media and we can keep you posted.