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What makes a Victorian Bathroom a Victorian Bathroom

We have just added a new page to our website that is designed to help our customers with their own thought process about what they want when it comes to Victorian Bathrooms.

So if you have decided that you want a new bathroom in your home and you want to replace the existing boring bathroom that you have with a Victorian Bathroom design then we can help you to get that look and feel that you are after.

You can read more about our Victorian Bathroom Tiling Design Considerations here.

It is actually quite interesting and it even helps to shine some light on why so many people call a toilet a ‘crapper’.

And while you might be thinking that it is slightly biased towards tiling – we can tell you that it is not. Of course if you are looking for a quality tiler in Glasgow who happens to be on of the best Victorian Tiling Specialists in Scotland then we are definitely in the mix. But we always want to give our customers the choice and the freedom to decide for themselves. Our business model has always been on offering a quality service that can be built up and evolve through recommendations, referrals and happy customers. And that is why we out together pages with advise on what makes a Victorian Bathroom. It isn’t just tiles, tiles tiles. We talk about dark wood, bath tubs with Claw feet and even why you should have a separate tap for hot and cold.