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What to do when you have a cracked tile

A cracked tile is not the end of the world. That is the first thing you need to know.

While carpets can get stained with red wine and wooden floors can loose their colour because of bleach and warp because of damp…..tiles can crack because of heavy impacts from things being dropped and too much weight being applied.

Over the years, we have replaced and repaired cracked tiles for walls and floors. We have dealt with broken tiles in the hallway walls of tenement flats across Glasgow and we have even dealt with a cracked tile in a shower thanks to a dropped wrench by the plumber that was fitting a new electric shower.

Replacing cracked tiles is actually easier that you would think. The issue is making sure you have an identical tile to replace it with. Some people, when they are buying tiles for their new dream kitchen, bathroom etc will buy a few more tiles than they need to a) cope with any breakages during the installation/fitting of the tiles and b) so that in the years to come, as and when there are any broken or cracked tiles, they have an exact matching set to replace it with.

When we replace tiles, it really is as simply as removing the existing cracked tile and fitting a new one and add in some new grout to ensure it sticks.

So if you have a cracked tile, don’t panic, give Were Tiling a call. We are Glasgow’s specialist tiler for all tiling in kitchens, bathrooms and of course for Victorian Restoration projects.