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When the heat rises – experience matters

If you imagine a bathroom floor that needs to be tiled. Not imagine the grout lines that should line up with the various fixed points of the room ie. the skirting board of the back wall, the step of the shower basin etc.

An inexperienced floot tiler in Glasgow would simply bash on with laying the tiles assuming that they know what they are doing. But in the heat of the summer sun, the bonding of the tiles to the floor can happen a lot more quickly. While you might think that this is a good thing, it can infact mean that any mistakes or slight deviation from the tiling line become permanent. Tiling does take time. The preparing of the surface, the setting up of the tiles and the cutting of tiles to make sure you get the perfect fit. All tilers know that readjustments and alignments need to be taken into consideration so if you do make a mistake and have to pull up some laid tiles, being able to simply extract them before they have set can make a job a lot more easy to complete to the high standards that the customer expects.

An inexperienced tiler would simply say out the tile, power on and when they stop for a cup of tea, finally notice that they have made a mistake and there is a clear and noticeable angle to the grout lines between tiles. And the big problem then is that to take up the tiles, you need to rip them up. And doing this means you are likely to break some tiles.

And you would be amazed how often tiles will then blame the quality of the tile for this and try and charge the customer extra.

That is why when we say we are an honest and qualified tiler, we aren’t just saying what you want to hear. We are promising a standard of quality and service that all tradesman should offer but simply don’t.

This level of honesty and quality has seen Were Tiling grow from simply offering Victorian Tiling and Mosic Tiling services in and around Glasgow, to offering the very best in Restoration tiling service across Scotland.