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Why tiled showers are safer

Water is wet – shocking!! But water is also slippery. You may think we have slipped and banged our head with fairly observations like that but this is exactly why we bring it up. Slipping in the shower is something that can happen to anyone. So many people across Glasgow start their day or finish their nights with a hot shower. Some showers are fitted above the bathtub, others are standalone showers and some are rather fancy open air showers as part of a wet room. If you have a shower as part of your bathtub set up then you may already have a rubber grip mat that you fit to the base of the tub to give you more grip. And if you have a fitted shower then you may have the shower basin with its moulded ribbed floor and textured plastic that can look a bit nasty and cheap.

There is another option and you may have guessed it already – tiles. A tiled shower can be both an attractive and visually pleasing element of your bathroom and with a tiled floor, you can have a grippy surface that doesn’t hamper on the aesthetics.

There is a page on our site about the size of tiles and why they are important for certain sizes of rooms. We mentioned that with smaller tiles you have more grout lines. But with showers, that can play to your advantage. More grout lines effectively adds grip. So when you select tiles for your shower, you can go for a textured tile that itself offers good grip but then this is complimented with the grip offered by the grout lines.

Now as one of Glasgow’s top tilers, we can help you with the design and layout style of your tiled shower room and ensure that everything is fitted properly so that you have a great looking shower without that nasty drainage basin look.

If you would like to know more, simply call us today to chat about what you are looking for in a tiled shower room or fitted shower in a bathroom.

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