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Geometric Tiled Flooring Border Designs

Geometric tiling design is so much more than the main body of the floor space. Every detail however small is crucial to a successful tiling project and you can never underestimate the importance of the border areas to really complete the overall look of a geometric tiled floor design.

Border tiling design acts as the frame for the entire geometric tiled floor and allows spaces really ‘pop’. Especially with the right colour choice and shapes. The border design can really help to showcase your tiled floor at its very best, and if the tiling goes beyond two spaces such as an entrance vestibule and main hallway, creates the perfect border that allows the geometric design to flow far better.

There are so many different border styles to choose from, and because of the often bespoke nature of geometric tiling, it is almost impossible to list and show examples of them all. Below is a list of some of the more popular border design options and if you are looking for a bespoke design then naturally, we can, as one of the leading Victorian Tiling Specialists, advise you on the best options for your unique design.

Classic Border Design

classic geometric tiled border

A triangle, square and framing rectangle tiled design is a simple yet ever so effective tiling solution that can be used in a wide variety of other colour set ups and is the ideal ‘room divide’ for tiling that spans more than one space.

Dogtooth Border Design

Dogtooth Geometric Tiled Border

A border design that uses triangles in contrasting colours and made complete with long rectangular border shapes that create geometric designs that can help make a smaller interior space seem longer.

Double Dogtooth Design

Double Dogtooth Geometric Tiled Border

As the name suggests, this double dogtooth design almost resembles the teeth/jaw of a dog.  But this is a similar pattern design to the normal dogtooth design but features a double row of triangles and is ideal for larger hallway tiled borders.

Greek Design

Greek Geometric Border TIle Design

A simple Greek design that can work in almost any colour choices.  Made completely from square tiles to create a long extending pattern. There are many variations to this themed design that can make the pattern longer or wider.

Griffin Design

Griffin Border Tile Design

A design made of rectangle and triangle tiles in a repeat patter that, in the right colour choice can really make the floor space complete.

Lattice Design

Lattice Geometric Tile Design for Border

This lattice design is made from a collection of rectangle tiles and square tiles that form a lattice border design. The rectangle tiles rotate around the single square to form a lattice shape.

Paladin Design

Paladin Border Geometric Tile Design

A border design pattern that is made from rectangle border tiles, larger triangle tiles and smaller square tiles. The larger triangle tiles, can use powerful splashes of colour to really define the border of a room.

Peaks Design

Peaks Geometric Tile Design

The Peaks border tile design is made of two different rectangle coloured tiles and two different coloured triangle tiles. There are a huge variations of colour combinations that this border design can use.

Pennine Design

Pennine Geometric Tile Design

Using two different sized triangle tile sizes with a rectangle frame that forms a design known as Pennine.

Ribbon Design

Ribbon pattern tile design for geometric tiled floors

As the name suggests, this is a combination of square and triangle tiles in a geometric repeat pattern that creates the visual look of a ribbon design. Made complete with a rectangle tiled border.

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We were replacing a carpet in our hall and discovered the original Victorian tiling was still there. Andrew came to our home, looked at the tiling and gave us a quote with no hassle. His attention to detail and careful and methodical approach are clear in the end results. We are so delighted with the work that he has done. We never thought about having a tiled hallway but we are more than delighted with the results and it has increased the value of our home considerably.

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We were looking for our Storm Door area and hallway to have a matching contemporary geometric tile design to them. We want a modern take that worked with our period Victorian home. Andrew was one of three tilers we call. He was the only one who took any measurements and really looked at the set up that we wanted. We went Were because they seemed to know what they were talking about and we were impressed with their detailed quote breakdown. It meant we knew exactly what to expect. And the end result - we could not be more happy with the end results. Our hallway looks better than ever.