Ceramic tiles are one of the more popular choices of tile found on the market but you would be amazed at what people DON’T know about ceramic tiles and why using a quality trusted specialist tiler such as Were Tiling is not just about the people you choose to tile your home, but the skills and experience that they have.



Ceramic tiles are made up of a combination of sand, natural products and clays. These materials are mixed together and moulded into the end shape before being fired in a kiln. Ceramic tiles can come in either glazed or unglazed styles. The different style of moulds and finishes means that there are hundreds of different designs and styles of ceramic tiles including variables for wall tiles and floor tiles.

The benefits of Ceramic Tiles:


When it comes to chooses the tiles for your new home floor or wall design, durability needs to be one of the key words that you hold onto. Do you have a pet or young children? Ceramic tiles have a much longer life compared to other tile materials for floor tiling and wall tiling which makes them an obvious choice if either of the above are true.
If you are looking for flooring in wet areas, you may want to select ceramic tiles as they are resistant to moisture.


If your new tiled space is going to feature heavy traffic then ceramic tiling is the ideal choice. On floors, with an abrasive glaze, these tiles are ideal to resist the constant wear of foot traffic.

Colour Durability

Sunlight and cleaning chemicals are the enemy of so many materials but with ceramic tiles, they do not loose their colour or begin to fade. Having this colour durability means that your tiled area will continue to look clean and fresh for years to come.


If you are going to be tiling a kitchen or bathroom, then hygiene is an important consideration. Cleaning ceramic tiles is a simple and easy process and can be done with a wide variety of cleaning products.



If you are considering ceramic tiles for your home then we hope that the above information helps. At Were Tiling, we believe that in order to get the perfect finish, it goes beyond just the look. Selecting the right tile for your home is just as important as selecting the right tiler. And with Were Tiling, we are here to help you every step of the way.  To found our more about Were Specialist Tilers and the areas of Glasgow and Edinburgh that we cover, please contact us.


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