With Were Speciality Tiling, we know that picking the right tile for the job is half the battle. So to help we have laid out some information on natural stone tiles to help you make a decision.

Types of Natural Stone Tile

There are a few different types of natural stone tiles to choose from.

Marble is a luxurious and sought after type of natural stone tiles. Marble tiles come in a range of colours, are hard wearing and can be polished to a high gloss. Marble tiles have always been seen as something only the wealthy can afford. That may have been true many moons ago but now it is a different story. There are now some exceptionally good marble tiles available for competitive prices.

Travertine is a tile material that features natural pits, dips and voids to create a patterned surface that makes each tile unique.

Granite is the toughest and most hard wearing tile material. Granite has become a popular choice of tile in the last decade thanks for a hard wearing finish that makes a statement.

Limestone tiles are a hardwearing tile material that are great for high foot traffic locations. The beautiful finish of limestone tiles makes them a favourite with those looking for a specific tile effect.

Slate tiles contain a rich range of earth colours that can really finish of the look you may be going for in your home. Slate tiles are very versatile and are suitable for use in kitchens, hallways and conservatories.

With each type of natural stone tile comes there own strengths and weaknesses but with Were Tiling, our expert tile professional Andrew is here to help you every step of the way.

And when you have selected the best tile, you can rest assured that you will be getting the best tiler with Were Tiling.

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