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Renovating a Victorian House

Restoring original Victorian tiled floors as part of a Victorian Home Restoration Project

Whether you have just purchase a Victorian property that needs restoration work or you have decided that now is the time to commit to fixing up your current Victorian home; when it comes to renovating and the restoration and repair of the original Victorian Tiling within the period home, Were Tiling are one of the leading specialist tilers in the field.

Based in Glasgow and covering Scotland and North England, we provide Victorian Restoration Tiling services for customers looking to restore and renovate:

  • Victorian Hallway Tiling
  • Victorian Fireplaces / Hearth
  • Victorian Entranceways
  • Victorian Vestibules
  • Victorian Paths
  • Victorian Steps
  • Victorian Bathrooms

Victorian House Renovation

Victorian Homes are always in demand.  These timeless period homes, built un Queen Victoria’s rule, feature beautiful cornacing, high ceilings and of course stunning Victorian Tiling.

Victorian Geometric Mosaic floors and wall tiling are found throughout Victorian homes in Scotland and the rest of the UK. Most tend to be very decorative and are usually either composed of geometric tiles or more detailed in their design, using small pieces of marble, ceramic or glass, in the form of Mosaic known as tesserae.

Victorian Homes are always in demand and therefore make a great property investment.  However the renovation of a Victorian Home and the restoration of the homes Victorian Tiles should always be handled by a trained professional.

Why Victorian Tiling is a specialist field

The way that tiling is done now versus the Victorian era is very different.  From the style and design to the material used.  For example, Minton Tiles, one of the most popular tile choices of the Victorian era were made in a completely different way to modern tiles you would pick up at the hardware store.  This is why we are a specialist tiler.  We have been trained and are qualified to work on the restoration of Mosaic & Geometric tiling restoration from the Victorian, Georgian and Edwardian era.

You can read more about what is involved in the restoration of Victorian tiling on the button below.

Victorian Tiling can add value to your home

Some Victorian home renovation is done purely so that the owner can increase the value of the property.  Having the original Victorian tiling restored can help achieve this goal.

Restoring damaged, crumbling Victorian tiled floors can increase the value of the property and these original period fixtures have become a much desired feature of homes across the UK.  While geometric floor tiling was only originally seen in Churches and public buildings, by the 1890s, Victorian Geometric floor tiling had become a must for standard Victorian houses.  However by the 60’s, so many of these tiled floors were being ripped up or covered over with carpets and laminate flooring.  But they are now in big demand and can therefore increase the value of your home.  So many owners of Victorian homes are lifting up the laminate flooring and old shabbby carperts and discovering the original hallway tiling still lying underneath and just waiting to be restored to their former glory.

If you are looking at renovating your home and are wanting to know more about restoring the original Victorian tiling in your home, please call Andrew on 07932 716 716 or email

We can discuss what is involved in a tile restoration project and arrange a time for a site visit to inspect the condition of your original Victorian tiled floor so that we can provide you with a custom and bespoke quote.

What Our Customers Say

Brian from Newcastle

We were replacing a carpet in our hall and discovered the original Victorian tiling was still there. Andrew came to our home, looked at the tiling and gave us a quote with no hassle. His attention to detail and careful and methodical approach are clear in the end results. We are so delighted with the work that he has done. We never thought about having a tiled hallway but we are more than delighted with the results and it has increased the value of our home considerably.

Andy from Glasgow

We were looking for our Storm Door area and hallway to have a matching contemporary geometric tile design to them. We want a modern take that worked with our period Victorian home. Andrew was one of three tilers we call. He was the only one who took any measurements and really looked at the set up that we wanted. We went Were because they seemed to know what they were talking about and we were impressed with their detailed quote breakdown. It meant we knew exactly what to expect. And the end result - we could not be more happy with the end results. Our hallway looks better than ever.