Victorian Tiled Utility Rooms

Make your utility room stand out with stunning decorative mosaic patterned tiling using Victorian, Edwardian or Georgian influences

The utility room, if you are lucky enough to have one in an incredibly important space. To some it is a boring space that is reserved exclusively for a washing machine, cleaning products and a space to dry clothes. For others, it is a vital part of your daily routine and a significant space that allows you to be more expressive with the rest of your home.

A utility room can be a huge asset to your home and if done properly can both add value to the property and make your daily lives a lot easier.

Across Glasgow, utility rooms formed an integral part of so many larger homes and across the city, older period sandstone homes featured truly stunning examples of Victorian and Georgian tiling. Tiled floors, walls and work surfaces that featured mosaic patterns that followed the styles of the time.

However over the years, so many factors have caused these one beautiful rooms to fall into a poor state. Rising damp has caused tiles to fall off the wall, work surface tiles have been painted over or completely removed and tiled flooring has been ripped up.

However there is a renaissance going on across the city where home owners are wanting their utility rooms to feature both the modern perks of washing machines, tumble dryers and extra fridges and freezers whilst having a powerful visual presence that matches the rest of their period home.

And that is where Were Tiling comes in. We are a specialist Victorian Tiling expert who can provide a complete restoration service to restore and revive your once proud utility room to its former glory.

If you have a utility room that has, over time fallen apart and the original Victorian tiling features have become faded and cracked with missing tiles then we can restore your damaged tiles and colour and style match closely to replace missing tiles. We can restore your tiled feature to its former glory and if you are starting completely from scratch then we can provide an invaluable design service to create a beautiful new mosaic pattern for your tiled wall, floors and work surfaces so that your utility room can become one of the most stunning rooms of your home.

To find out more about our tiling services and how we can help you with the restoration of your utility room tiling, please call us today on 07932 716 716.