Entrance Way Vestibule Tiling and Restoration

Between the front entrance and the interior of so many original sandstone homes and Townhouses in Glasgow lies the vestibule. An area that was originally an opportunity to display grand decorative tiling features that acted as a gateway into your home.

It is a sad fact that over time, so many of these homes in Glasgow have seen their vestibules replaced, removed or covered over. However vestibules are once again becoming popular and across the city and surrounding Towns and Villages, we are receiving more and more calls from home owners who live in these very same older sandstone homes that once had beautiful Victorian vestibules; and they are wanting their vestibules restored back to their former glory.

But why do we receive so many calls about Vestibule restoration rather than conventional tilers? It is because we are Glasgow’s leading Victorian tiler experts. We are a specialist tiler who focus on the restoration, repair and fitting of Victorian, Georgian and Edwardian tiling features to homes across Glasgow. And when it comes to vestibule tiling, we are a leading expert in the careful restoration of the mosaic patterned tiling that once made these home features so desirable. Our care and attention to detail means that we can deliver a beautiful finish to all of our tiling work and we work tirelessly to restore any existing Victorian tiles. Where this is not possible, we put in the leg work to best colour and style match replacement tiles to give you an authentic looking restored vestibule that proudly acts as the entrance way to your period Victorian home.

If you would like to know more about our vestibule tiling services or indeed any of our Victorian, Georgian or Edwardian tiling services in and around Glasgow, please call us on 07932 716 716