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Wet Room Tiling

Wet rooms are a fantastic feature that so many people would love to have in their home. But is it right for you?

In theory, anybody can have a wet room. The basic ingredients for a wet room are effectively a shower room that does away with the shower screen and tray, replacing them with an open, fully tiled shower area. Obviously if your bathroom is relatively small then you may need to incorporate a shower screen of some description because there is a limit to how much water you want sprayed everywhere.

While we are not a plumber, we can give you some useful tips about Wet room pros and cons including of course, the tiling of your wet room.

First off – always use a professional to install your wet room. The gradients needed to create a channel in the floor to allow water to drain away is one of the more obvious failings from DIY wet room.

Creating a wet room isn’t just about putting down some tiles and hoping for the best. You need to waterproof the wet room which includes priming the floor, the lower section of walls and THE WHOLE area around the shower. And when that is done, you need to cover it all with a syrup membrane. Once all that is done, tiling can take place.

Wet rooms also require the floor to be raised a little (to prevent flooding the rest of the house if the room does fill with water (again – a common issue with DIY wet rooms).

The advantages of wet rooms are obvious:

  • Super stylish
  • Contemporary look
  • Can increase the value of your home
  • Easy to clean

However we should also point out some disadvantages of a wet room:

  • In smaller wet rooms, water spray can cause wet towels and toilet roll
  • You do need a professional to waterproof the room. If not then water can leak through the gaps and cause substantial damage to your home.
  • Ideally, you will want your wet room tiled from floor to ceiling which can make wet rooms a bit more expensive.
  • If you only have one bathroom and you swap the bath for a shower, you can make your home less valuable.

Of course when it comes to tiling, you will want a reliable, professional tiler who knows what they are doing, have the qualifications, the experience and the testimonials to prove that they can get the job done. And that is where we come in. We are Were Tiling and we are Scotland’s leading Victorian Tiling Specialist. That doesn’t mean that we work exclusively with only Victorian tiling. It means that we are great at all tiling including and especially Victorian tiling (which a lot of Tilers are simply not qualified or experienced to work with).

We can create intricate mosaic patterned wet room’s that are the definition of stunning. We have the experience and the understanding to advise you on the right tiles and detailing to ensure that you get the maximum out of your wet room.

So if you are thinking of getting a wet room installed in your home, then call in the tiler you can trust.

We are based in Glasgow but can cover the majority of Scotland.
Call Andrew today on 07932 716 716 to discuss what you want. We offer a completely free design consultation to help you get exactly what you want from your dream wet room.

What Our Customers Say

Brian from Newcastle

We were replacing a carpet in our hall and discovered the original Victorian tiling was still there. Andrew came to our home, looked at the tiling and gave us a quote with no hassle. His attention to detail and careful and methodical approach are clear in the end results. We are so delighted with the work that he has done. We never thought about having a tiled hallway but we are more than delighted with the results and it has increased the value of our home considerably.

Andy from Glasgow

We were looking for our Storm Door area and hallway to have a matching contemporary geometric tile design to them. We want a modern take that worked with our period Victorian home. Andrew was one of three tilers we call. He was the only one who took any measurements and really looked at the set up that we wanted. We went Were because they seemed to know what they were talking about and we were impressed with their detailed quote breakdown. It meant we knew exactly what to expect. And the end result - we could not be more happy with the end results. Our hallway looks better than ever.