Glasgow Fireplace Tiling

Across Glasgow there are fireplaces that feature beautiful examples of Victorian, Georgian and Edwardian tiling as decorative features. These tiled fireplace surrounds seamlessly merge into the decorative mantelpiece and surrounding features of these period homes across Glasgow.

However so many of these tiled fireplaces which are original fixtures of these Glasgow homes have suffered from neglect over the years and are in need of repairs and restoration. This is where we at Were Tiling comes in. We are a speciality tiler serving Glasgow and the surrounding areas that deal with original Victorian tiled fireplaces and other original tiling around the home (including Victorian Kitchen, Bathroom, Hallways, Flooring and Entrance Ways). Our focus is to repair and restore these home features to their former glory by using as much of the original tiling as possible. To do this, we can carefully remove, restore and replace existing original Victorian, Georgian and Edwardian tiles around the fireplace so that you are left with a beautifully restored fireplace in your home that perfectly matches the period styling.

The care and attention to detail that is required for these mosaic patterned tiled fireplaces is what marks us out as a tiling specialist. We are fully qualified and certified to work on these vintage fireplaces with the care that they require whilst so many tilers are simply not equipped to handle the time consuming nature of repairing and restoring tiled fireplaces.

And we do more than repair and restore existing fireplaces. Thanks to our skills in mosaic patterned tiling, we are more than equipped to tile entirely new fireplaces – Making sure that we use the right tiles and materials to give you a perfectly finished tiled fireplace that can be the centerpiece of any room.

If all of that sounds right up your street and you would like to know more about how we can help restore, repair, replace or add a tiled fireplace to your Glasgow home, call us today on 07932 716 716.

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