Victorian Hearth Tiling Specialist in Restoration and New Fit


Before central heating systems and combi boilers were common place in homes across Glasgow, the cold winter nights were kept at bay by roaring and crackling fired in homes across the city.


Living rooms, lounges, bedrooms and dining rooms once featured proud and stunning Victorian Fireplaces that were centrepiece visuals in these rooms.  And complimenting these fireplaces was stunning mosaic Victorian, Georgian and Edwardian styled Hearth tiling.  Beautiful tiling features that matched the period style of the home and made the fireplace a stunning feature of the room.  Living Room and Dining Room hearths were obviously more grand affairs with more subtle options found in bedrooms.


However with the advent of modern central heating systems, these once proud fireplaces were neglected.  Some were removed completely and plastered over, others were painted and those that survived that have endured years of neglect and cracked tiles.


However there is a rising popularity in returning these once stunning features back to their former glory.  Repairing and restoring these fireplace hearths to their once proud place.


However fireplace hearths are not just another tiling project for just another tiler.  If you are looking to return your fireplace hearth to its former Victorian tiled glory then you need a dedicated and specialist Victorian tiling expert.  And that means you need Were Tiling.

We are a specialist Victorian tiling expert and we work on the careful restoration, repair and replacement of period fireplace hearths on a daily basis.

Our experience in restoring and repairing Victorian tiled fireplace hearths goes beyond just replacing a few cracked tiles.  We work tirelessly to repair and restore as much of the original tiling as possible.  And where an original tile is too badly damaged, we can source and match as closely as possible replacement tiles to ensure that your fireplace hearth looks like it did in its prime.


If you would like to know more about our Fireplace Hearth Tiling or indeed any of our other Victorian Tiling services, please contact us today on 07932 716 716