Victorian and Georgian Tiling for Pantry Rooms

If you have a home that has a dedicated pantry room then you will know how useful a space this can be. And whether you use it for food and drink storage or it has evolved to become a useful space for something else, a pantry can bring significant added value to your home.

Pantries are also making a comeback. Despite kitchens being becoming bigger and bigger, customers are requesting pantry rooms in their homes for nostalgia and practicality purposes.

But if you live in an older style home that already has a pantry then you will know that it is not just a space for some tins of beans. Original pantries were beautifully decorated in stunning Victorian tiling to match the period style of the rest of the home.

However over time, these one grand storage rooms have fallen into disrepair with original Victorian tiles having cracked, been painted over or completely replaced.

However if you are looking to refurbish and restore your home pantry room to its once former glory then with Were Tiling, you can be sure that we will provide a genuinely superior tiling service over our competitors. At Were Tiling, we are Victorian, Georgian and Edwardian tiling specialists. That means that when it comes to the delicate restoration and repair of existing period tiling features in bathrooms, kitchens and pantry rooms, we are Glasgow’s leading tiler.

We are fully trained and qualified in this level of specialist tiling and with each and every tiling project we work on, we always invest ourselves wholly in the patient and skilled art of restoration. We always try to salvage and restore the original tiling but where this is not possible, we colour and style match as closely as possible so that your home pantry room can be returned to its rightful former glory.

If you would like to know more about our Victorian Tiling services and the mosaic pattern tiling work that we can do in Kitchens, bathrooms and Pantry rooms, please contact us today on 07932 716 716