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Victorian Tiling

A popular and stunning feature of period homes across Scotland and England. Victorian Tiling is one of the lasting and most visually impressive aspects of interior design from that era.

The variety of shapes, sizes and colours that Victorian Tiling is available in has created a near infinite array of truly stunning designs.

So what is Victorian Tiling?

Whilst being hard wearing and practical, Victorian floor tiles were installed for two main reasons:

  • they were considered to be hygienic
  • they were decorative

Aesthetically, these Victorian tile schemes served to wow and entertain guests. In the modern day their lasting presence is testament to the quality of both the manufacture of the tile (famous brands include Minton Tiles) and the skilled installation by the artisans of the era.

Some might say that Victorian style tiles are over the top, but the effect of decorative path tiles, hallway floor tiles, or glazed ceramic Close or porch tiles will certainly impress any guest waiting at the door to your home.

Victorian Geometric Mosaic floors and wall schemes are found throughout the UK. Most designs tend to be very decorative and are usually either composed of geometric tiles or more detailed in their design, using small pieces of marble, ceramic or glass, in the form of Mosaic known as tesserae.

How is this style of tiling laid?

As with many subfloors from this era, Victorian Tiling is carried out in a few stages, much in the same was that they were in Greek and Roman Times, with a Statumen, Rudus, Nucleus and setting bed. These are Roman Terms that have been found in architectural books of the classical era.

The Statumen is a bedding of fist sized stones or slabs, followed by a rudus, which is a mix of rubble and lime or sand cement beaten solid to a thickness of around 9 inches. Then the upper layers, a finer mortar mixed with three parts of crushed tiles, slate, ceramic and brick, again mixed with lime or sand cement. Then lastly, the setting bed, this is often various depths and this is usually where the two layers become detached from the each other.

Victorian Tiling is not like standard tiling processes and it is exactly why we are a specialist tilers. Because we have the skills and the training to work on these beautiful types of tiling feature.

How can Were Tiling help you with your Victorian Tiling aspiriations?

We specialise in Victorian floor tiles, with geometric schemes that encompass the Victorian, Georgian and Edwardian periods, including a range of contemporary designs. With a design consultancy service, we are experts at providing beautiful tiled designs for both residential and commercial properties.

From classic black and white tiles to decorative multi-colour encaustics and contemporary geometric ceramics. Individual geometric tiles are carefully assembled by hand into repeating sections that tessellate to create decorative traditional and contemporary designs.

Reasons to install new mosaic tiles

  • Practical and easy to maintain
  • Decorative and aesthetically pleasing
  • Hardwearing and long-lasting.

Suitable applications

Across your home, we can provide a quality level of Victorian Tiling in the following areas:

We can also tile mosaic and geometric hallways, shop fronts, garden areas and other architectural design schemes as part of one off commission work. To find out more, we would be delighted to discuss it with you over the phone.

What Our Customers Say

Brian from Newcastle

We were replacing a carpet in our hall and discovered the original Victorian tiling was still there. Andrew came to our home, looked at the tiling and gave us a quote with no hassle. His attention to detail and careful and methodical approach are clear in the end results. We are so delighted with the work that he has done. We never thought about having a tiled hallway but we are more than delighted with the results and it has increased the value of our home considerably.

Andy from Glasgow

We were looking for our Storm Door area and hallway to have a matching contemporary geometric tile design to them. We want a modern take that worked with our period Victorian home. Andrew was one of three tilers we call. He was the only one who took any measurements and really looked at the set up that we wanted. We went Were because they seemed to know what they were talking about and we were impressed with their detailed quote breakdown. It meant we knew exactly what to expect. And the end result - we could not be more happy with the end results. Our hallway looks better than ever.