G1 City Centre

Glasgow is famous for being the second city of the British Empire and while that ’empire’ may have changed, the remnants of the time still remain.  Throughout the city center of Glasgow, there are buildings dating back to the peak of Victorian and Georgian styling and that means that there are plenty of truly stunning examples of mosaic patterned tiled entrance ways, hallways, kitchens and bathrooms that proudly stand out in town houses, offices and other buildings right in the heart of Glasgow.

But whilst these beautiful tiled features have survived the test of time, so many of them have not survived through the test of wear and tear.  Whether it be the heavy foot traffic of an entrance way, rising damp up the walls, heavy objects being dropped or extreme chemcials being used, these Victorian and Georgian Tiling features are beginning to show their age.
And this is where Were Tiling come in.  When it comes to restoration of tiled hallways, bathrooms, kitchens and floors, nobody comes close to offering the dedication, patience, attention to detail and raw skill that we posses.  We are Tiling Specialists and we have a vast level of experience in working on the restoration, repair and replacing of existing mosaic patterned tiling from the Victorian and Georgian periods.  That experience also flows into new tiling projects that we have   been commissioned to complete from customers who are looking for that classic Victorian mosaic pattern in their new City Centre Town House.
Our tiling business has grown through the simply philosophy of offering a dedicated and quality service with a professional attitude that sees the vast proportion of our business coming from referrals and recommendations from happy customers who have seen first hand our quality tiling work and will happy pass on the word that Were Tiling is one of the best tilers in Glasgow.
From the heart of the city to the surrounding towns and villages, we provide a full tiling service across Glasgow for customers who are looking for an honest and reliable tiler to do honest and reliable tiling work.
So from modern kitchens and bathrooms to the restoration of historic tiling features in your period home, Were Tiling is your answer.
We can work on indoor and outdoor tiling features so to get a quotation for your tiling project, please call us today to discuss your needs.

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