G11 Broomhill, Thornwood, Partick

The Broomhill, Thornwood and partick areas of Glasgow form the heart of the West End and is where Were Speciality Tiling first set up shop in Glasgow.

With the range of townhouses, sandstone homes and tenament flats, these areas of the West End all share a variety of styles of architectural home design.

From the Victorian styled front entrance ways of the houses running up from Partick to Broomhill or the classic tenement flats tiled hallways in Thornwood, all of them contain a variety of interior tiling styles. So when you come to refurbish and restore your existing tiles or you are wanting to start again with a new tiled bathroom, kitchen or hallway, Were Tiling are here to help every strep of the way.

We are specialist tilers and that means we do more than just the standard bathroom tiling projects. We are very proud of our mosaic pattern tiling, Victorian tile restoration and ‘like for like’ tiling services. We are a Glasgow tiler who can be trusted to do the job and do it to the high standards of the customer. Our reputation has grown over the years as we exceed expectations week in, week out.

If you would like to know more about our tiling services in the West End of Glasgow, please call us today on 07932 716 716.


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