G13 Knightswood, Anniesland

Across the West End of Glasgow, Were Tiling provide a 5 star tiling service for homes looking to have beautiful Victorian or Georgian tiling features.

In houses and tenement flats across Knightswood and Anniesland, beautiful Victorian and Georgian style tiling has sadly been neglected over the years with cracked, broken and loose tiles having over time degraded the effects of these stunning mosaic tiled features.so that they are now a shadow of their former self.

At Were Tiling, we are a Speciality Tiling firm who lead the way in repairs and restoration of Victorian and Georgian tiling features in Glasgow homes.

Whether it is the repair of existing tiling features such as a tiled hallway in a tenement flat or the Georgian patterned hall flooring of a sandstone house that needs attention, at Were Tiling we can repair and fix your tiled room to an as new state where possible.

And if you are wanting to introduce these beautiful tile features into your home and a new kitchen, bathroom or hallway project, we can help. Because one of the reasons that we have become a Speciality Tiler for Georgian and Victorian Tiling is because we are such a good overall tiler.

At Were Tiling, our business model focuses on providing a top quality job so that you get a top quality finish. Our business comes from referrals and recommendations from existing happy customers and it is that business model that has seen us continue to grow in the West End of Glasgow.

We can work on indoor and outdoor tiling features so to get a quotation for your tiling project, please call us today to discuss your needs.

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